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EVs Accessories

16A EV-charger 20A Plug NEMA 6-20  6.1m cable Price:$275
16A EV-charger 50A Plug NEMA 6-50  6.1 m cable Price:$275
16A EV-charger 50A Plug NEMA 6-50  7.92m cable Price:$285
32A EV-charger 50A Plug NEMA 6-50  6.1m cable Price:$350
32A EV-charger 50A Plug NEMA 6-50  7.92m cable Price:$360
40A EV-charger 50A Plug NEMA 6-50  6.1m cable Price:$380
Holster Price:$10

Call or visit us for details. Pre-own used Electric hybrid plug-in hybrid vehicles EV's

Nissan Leaf Storage $100
Nissan Leaf Privacy Cover $100
Spare and jack kit $150

Nissan Leaf Tire



run flat






Nissan Leaf Tire



Mat Include 4 piece(2 for front, 2 for back) $100
Emergence Road kit



Wall mount


7KW EV Charger

32A 230VAC


Single Plug

with 5m Cable


Wall mount with display

& card reader


7 KW EV Charger

32A 230VAC


Single Plug

with 5m Cable






Q:what energy storage capacity should I expect from A 2012 Chevy volt battery?

A:Chevy volt was design with a 10.3 Kwh battery but the usable energy is always less I charged a 2011 Chevy volt with 145000 miles on odometer and I used a 16 Amp Level 2 Charger with meter I deposit it 6.8 Kwh in 2 Hr and 28 min . after charge this Volt shows 30 miles on electric range.
this Volt is actually available as one of our loaner cars.

Q:How much cost Brand new NISSAN LEAF battery?

A:The new battery cost about $5500 however if your leaf battery still under warranty and it falls below certain storage capacity Nissan will replace it for you. You must know if you replace your battery your car will be like new again with longer range than when it was manufactured! I hear that Nissan also upgrade the old 24Kwh batteries with 30Kwh for only $3500, I got to check this out myself sounds like a good deal!

Q:I noticed that Nissan Leafs with DC charging option are about $800 more expensive, do I really need it?

A:If you are in an area with DC charging station or you plan to travel with your Nissan Leaf, I say yes DC charge port is important to have but if you only changing on level 2 AC (240V) at work or home I would say save the money! You can buy a much better equipped SV without DC port almost for what an S model with DC port will cost!

Q:What maintenance should I expect?

A:EVs are very low maintenance, NO oil change, NO transmission service, Belts etc. and since they are Zero emission, no emission control devices to be serviced. Regular tire change, rarely brakes and small 12 volt battery are the only maintenances you can expect.

Q:Can Nissan Leaf be transported with tow-dally?

A:Yes, you can use tow-dally, Leaf is a front wheel drive so back wheels are free to turn during transport.

Q:Which level 2 charger do I need for my Nissan Leaf 16Amp,32Amp or 40 Amp?

A:for Nissan leafs with 3.3kw onboard charger(converter) you only need 16Amp Level 2 EVSE but if you have 6.6kw charging capacity you can use up to 32 Amp . 40 Amp EVSE charger are only good for cars with 7.2kw capacity or more like TESLAS .

Q:How do I know I have 6.6kw or 3.3kw capacity?

A:Press the menu button to display charging options you will see the maximum charging capacity.

Q:Could I use regular tires if I don't want to use run flat tires?

A:Yes, you can, regular tires are cheaper and last longer, but remember most EVs don’t come with spare tire and jack kit, here at BMVW we sell the temp spare and jack kit for only $150. We also sell recommended(low-E) run flat and regular tires at great prices (see the accessories section of

Q:Does regular tire reduce EV range?

A:Yes but not significantly, manufactures of low-e run flat tires advertise 3-4% better range but I did not realized that much change(I would say 1-3%) However if economy is in your mind regular tires + spare make more sense!